The platform for easy reporting

Introducing VBOX Test Suite, a software package designed to make data analysis quick and easy

VBOX Test Suite is RACELOGIC’s latest generation software platform designed with plugins to make repeatable tests quick and easy to conduct.

The first plugin designed for mining users is the TKPH plugin.

More mining plugins are in development and due for release in 2018. The aim is to deliver more software solutions to make VBOX studies easy and more functional thereby reducing time for engineers and consultants to conduct VBOX GPS studies.
VBOX Test Suite TKPH Plugin

Cycle Information for Mining Users

The TKPH plugin has been designed to help users investigate cycles and select the most appropriate tyre for site operations.
  • Measure operational site TKPH against rated tyre TKPH
  • Compare cycle TKPH between multiple circuits
  • TKPH corrections applied from tyre manufacturer specifications
  • Also supports TMPH calculations
VBOX Test Suite TKPH Plugin

Increased Functionality for Mining Users

Load & Dump Map Regions

  • Geo-fencing identifies cycles and circuits
  • Software detects load status of vehicle based on precise vehicle movements

Tyre Library

Enter tyre specification data or choose from the preloaded library of tyre specifications

Vehicle Specification Library

Enter weight information for your vehicle or load from our database of common vehicles found on site
VBOX Test Suite TKPH Plugin

Easy Reporting for Mining Users

Summarise Results with the TKPH Report.
  • TKPH by Local Date and Time
  • Cycle TKPH Frequency
  • Summary by Circuit
  • Summary by Input
VBOX File Processor

Further Functionality for Mining Users

VBOX File Processor is a software utility which has been designed to manipulate VBOX data files after they have been recorded.
For mining users with large amounts of data to analyse, the Downsample and VBO Append functions are most useful.
  • Downsample allows the sample rate of multiple vbo files to be reduced in a single process. For example, 10 Hz vbo files can be downsampled to 1 Hz vbo files to reduce file size to one tenth of the original file size.
  • VBO Append allows for bulk appending of multiple vbo files in a single process.
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