A Continuous Improvement Initiative

The aim is to reduce heavy vehicle operational costs for surface fleets.
Below illustrates a typical VBOX fitment and the process to generate results.

1. Acquire VBOX equipment

One-off purchase of VBOX equipment and software – subscription is not required.
  • VBOX Video HD2
  • Memory card or solid-state drive
  • Cameras & mounts (optional)
  • TKPH software (optional)

2. Fit VBOX

Permanent fleet fitment is most beneficial to ensure GPS data across all vehicles at any time.
  • Connect VBOX to truck power supply
  • Install GPS antenna
  • Install cameras (optional)

3. Retrieve VBOX data

Retrieve the most recent data from the VBOX when any of the following occurs:
  • Major changes in operations
  • New circuit
  • New haul road design
  • Haul truck trial
  • Tyre trial
  • Premature heat-related tyre failures
  • Incidents
  • Operator reports
  • Extended queuing time


Browse typical VBOX hardware used on mine sites worldwide


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Reduce heavy vehicle operational costs with high accuracy GPS and video data analysis