VBOX Mining Solutions

Cost-effective GPS solutions to reduce tyre, fuel and maintenance costs for mining vehicles.

VBOX helps mining companies around the world to measure precise vehicle movements and report on site operations.

Video Synchronised with GPS Data

The videos below have been taken from Video VBOX Pro systems during two separate tyre studies on site. Both insets show camera views looking forward from the cabin roof.
View of front left tyre from walkway near side-view mirror of a CAT 789 rigid dump truck
View of front left tyre from front access ladder of a Unit Rig MT4400 haul truck


In mining operations, tyres, fuel and maintenance are the major operational costs for a surface mine fleet. VBOX Mining Solutions can help reduce these operational costs, whilst improving performance and safety.

Improve Tyre Selection
Increase Tyre Life
Reduce Tread Wear

VBOX TKPH studies are used to help choose the correct tyre compound to suit site operations. Optimising tyre selection is a priority for tyre management consultants as one of the major factors affecting earthmover tyre life. This results in potentially more wear-resistant compounds fitted to vehicles and significantly longer tyre life.

Improve Haul Roads
Increase Component Life
Reduce Maintenance Costs


VBOX Haul Road studies are used to analyse circuit design with emphasis on corners and grade. With our software, individual cycles and multiple circuits can be compared and easily analysed. This results in improved haul road design, less fatigue for vehicle components, less unplanned downtime, higher availability and lower maintenance costs.

Improve Driver Performance
Increase Productivity
Reduce Fuel Usage

VBOX Motion studies can be used to optimise productivity by analysing queuing time and vehicle speed. Estimating time of arrival at the load area enables operations to optimise a balance of maximum vehicle speed and excavator utilisation. This results in more visibility on driving style, improved driver performance, optimised productivity and less fuel burn.

Improve Safety
Increase Investigation Data
Reduce Incidents

VBOX Incident studies use video synchronised with precise GPS data showing exactly what happened during the event – like a “black box” always keeping the most recent data available. Fitting cameras will deter drivers from careless behaviour as a preventative measure, but this also results in more data for driver training and root-cause-analysis should an incident occur.

Our Customers

Otraco global tyre management
Article from African Review - May 2016

VBOX data has been collected from various open cast mines in South America, Australia, New Zealand, and Africa, which has shown that many roads upon which the trucks have to haul their enormous loads have been constructed in a way that is detrimental to tyre life. [...]

Armed with this data, an operator can make changes that give their machines an easier life. [...]

Equipment such as that provided by Racelogic helps to reduce tyre wear caused by road inclination, road camber, load distribution, driver discipline, tyre pressure and ambient temperature. It is possible, also, to measure a site's road gradients and turns, and to improve tyre life and fuel consumption

African Review article “Keeping costs down at open-cast operations” from May 2016
map icon brazil
We’ve gained more flexibility to check the condition of the roads and also the operator's behaviour. This allows you to simultaneously address operating and infrastructure conditions, proposing improvements when necessary.

The solution found by the team shows that together we can do more. The team involved has appropriated more of the process, striving for the development of equipment. A joint effort that reinforces our value ‘Make it Happen’.
On purchasing multiple VBOX systems for the fleet so studies can be completed and prompt action can be taken on site

Mine Operation Manager, Brazil

This is useful to measure TKPH as we trial new haul circuits.
On TKPH plugin when demonstrated on site with data gathered overnight

Tyre Bay Coordinator, Australia


We believe that this unit has possibly set a new safety standard in the mining community.

On Brake Testing using the VBOX Test Suite plugin and feedback from the B.C. Inspector of Mines

Maintenance Foreman, Canada

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